Things to Consider before Buying a Web Host

Being a web developer doesn’t take much. Patience and potential are all and you got to be desperate for what you are doing. Unless you put much effort, you can’t build a website that actually starts making profit. Even without going too deep inside of coding or technical details of a website, you can make a website now. Previously it would take a professional web developer to make and maintain a website, now you can do it all by yourself. There are tools to make the journey way easier than it ever was. Even without a line of code a website could be deployed using software like WordPress or Thesis Theme. A website lies on a host and you have to pick it carefully. What should you consider before you buy a web host?

Web Hosting

  • Free domain: Getting a free domain name is easy. GoDaddy, 1and1 Internet etc. are domain providers but a free domain comes with almost all web hosting service providers. The paid domains charge the subscribers around $10-$15 per year and the rate stays same afterwards. But web hosts like Bluehost, HostGator etc. provide a domain free for first year, later for a specific rate. Look for a host that provides a free domain, maybe not for long but at least a year.
  • Additional domains: A hosting plan basically provides space and resource for one domain. However, professional hosts allow more than one domain to host in their server and you can add up many later for a specific charge. The charges cost around $10. For attractive prices and offers, please check with BlueHost, HostGator etc. Maybe you don’t have plans for another website at this time, but it is safe to have added margin.
  • Storage: On shared hosting packages, the bandwidth and storage you buy gets shared with other users online. After the greater division the speed could drastically decrease, also the storage space might not be available when you need it. Check what your host offers you. Even though there are nothing unlimited in practice, but a figure very high could relatively make it look unlimited. Always choose hosts with unlimited storage and bandwidth. HostGator also offers unlimited storage, checkout coupons for HostGator.
  • After sales service: This could be a crucial point depending on the website owner’s expertise. Advanced web makers might not find it difficult to deal with problems that might arise during the website’s uptime, but the same occurrence could be devastating for a newbie. Make sure your host is going to provide guidance in these cases.
  • WordPress integration: WordPress is a great tool for any website, especially blogs and personal websites. It provides instant modification and designing features. Using WordPress a whole website could be built without writing a single line of code; but however if you prefer writing codes you can proceed that way as well.
  • Pricing: Don’t choose a plan that makes you break your bank. Choose suitable package. Shared hosts are the best option for beginners. Monthly $7-$10 should be enough expenditure for websites of this category. Don’t go for higher priced packages unless you really need one. If you want to try HostGator free for one month then use this HostGator 1 cent coupon.


Choosing a web host is a confusing decision to make. You should get a helpful guideline after you complete reading this.

Reasons One Should Go with Paid Hosting for his Website

If one choose to go with paid hosting rather than free than he can choose from a couple of options. Both have their own merits and demerits. They come with different prices and package size. First choice which is also the most popular one is shared hosting option. It is the cheapest option which is offered by most of the web hosting companies. If one put this on his server which has many other accounts, then there is great possibility that security will be compromised, and you’ll also not get the best speed. However, if one needs to put his domain name or blog on it so that everyone visits it, then it is the finest option. The packages come in this hosting range from $5 to $25 monthly. One also get significant amount of discount if he gets the package for one, two or three years. There are also some expensive packages, which allow one to host more than one domain at the same account.


Second possible option is the use of VPS hosting. This is considered as more secure and faster as compare to shared hosting. With this one can conveniently share a server with other accounts and there are maximum resources which he can dedicate to his website. The package charges come in range from $50 to $250 per month. This depends upon the size of the package which one purchase. It also gives one freedom to choose with a smaller package and later allows him to upgrade at any time he wants. Now we will discuss some of the reasons for choosing paid hosting services.

1. Freedom of using your own domain

It is seen that most of the free hosting options don’t allow one to use his domain for the blog. This is really annoying as one wants to make sure that he’ll able to put his blog on the domain he owned. If one can’t do this than there are great chances that he’ll not get his site rank in popular search engines.

2. More Customization of Options

When one pays for hosting service then he’ll have the access to more advance forums and options. It includes customization of functionality and look of the website. If one purpose is to earn money from his blog or website than paid hosting is a necessity.

3. Better and Enhanced SEO Ability

As we all know that free hosting doesn’t benefit one in terms of SEO because of sub domains of service provider and lack of tools. One need to make use of Search Engine Optimization for getting more traffic at website and the eventual result is making of more money. SEO gives one more opportunity and better chance in obtaining a high rank in search engines. Visit our website for more details.

4. Paid Hosting is Affordable

A lot of people have wrong perception that paid hosting is really expensive; this is not correct as it’s highly affordable for a majority of people. With it one doesn’t have to worry anymore about storage and bandwidth as it gives unlimited options. Paid hosting also gives one more resource and tools at minimal costs so that one will be able to generate maximum revenue. You can use Bluehost hosting as it is one of the affordable host, read Bluehost review here.

5. Freedom from Annoying Ads

The most irritating things about free hosting services are the distracting ads which are displayed at the website. It is actually a tactic from hosting company to earn money as they are paid for these advertisements. There is great possibility of losing many potential visitors if free ads are present at the website.

Hope the above points will help choosing a good paid hosting over a free hosting.

Things to consider while buying hosting for your WordPress blog

The backbone of your WordPress blog is the webhosting company that you choose. Therefore, be wise, take your time and choose only the best webhosting company for your blog.

things-to-consider-prior-to-creating-lead-goalsNeedless to say, there are thousands of webhosting companies who promise to have unlimited resources, full time availability, knowledgeable customer support and more. But not all of them fully comply with what they promise. Only a handful of webhosting companies offer guaranteed webhosting service that includes top-rated customer support, unlimited bandwidth etc.

What is WordPress?

As you know, WordPress is the number one blogging tool out there, most of the business firms and common people prefer to use it. WordPress makes use of latest data banks to ensure its clients appropriate memory capacity and processing power for their blog. This free CMS (Content Management System) program allows you to publish, edit, update and maintain your blog in a very aesthetic way.

Nuts and bolts to choose a webhosting company

Cost: It is first and foremost factor that you should take into consideration while choosing a webhosting company; however, it should not be the only deciding factor. WordPress runs perfectly only when it gets rich hosting environment. Webhosting companies that charge only $1.99 per year will not provide you all the prerequisites that are needed to run WordPress smoothly. Therefore, do not buy from a host with the cheapest rates without comparing.

Area of Focus: Not all the webhosts are perfect for you. Some hosts have great shared plans, bandwidth etc. but may not be have solutions for growing enterprise like yours. On the other hand, some may have great business solutions along with shared plans but may not be suitable for small businesses. Therefore, take your time and find a host who is willing to put complete focus on your business.

Tech Limitations: Does your host have enough RAM, disk space or processing power to support your blog’s videos, images and other rich content? A cheap webhost may not have enough prerequisites. Good things do not come cheap. So, better buy hosting services from a well-known hosting company like DreamHost, Laughing Squid, etc.

Tech Support: What if your WordPress blog goes offline out of nowhere? You will have to contact your hosting company ASAP. But if your host is one of those who charge $1.99 per year, you’re in trouble. They do not provide 24/7 customer service, neither they provide online chat services. In worst case, they won’t even reply your email on time. But if you consider hiring a reputed hosting company, you are assured 24/7 customer service with online chat services. In this way, you can talk to a representative and sort out the problem in real-time.

Protection: Do you often receive anonymous emails or spam from your WordPress blog? It’s probably because your host does not provide you enough security. Remember it’s your host’s sole responsibility to provide you with necessary protection and privacy from internet/online threats. That’s why; trust only the best hosting services when it comes to privacy and protection.